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Reviews for Balti House Restaurant, Keighley

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Review by Mr Ingle


Added On:
13th, Jun 2010

Balti House Restaurant

Do Try to avoid this place as some of the reviews have mentioned before. We drove down from Leeds To Keighley to visit our regular place Shimla Spice, thiniking it would not be busy, due to football. Arriving at 8:00 On yesterdays Friday evening and found the place to be usual packed with rafterz evan waiting for tables and takeaways outside the restaurant. Me and my girlfreind struggled through the crowd waiting outside an in the reception, and was told by the manger that the next table would be at 9:15 and he could either do a takeaway or a table at the Shipley Branch. So i quickley search my phone web to find the nearest place by, and it was the balti house. We went here and manged to get a table straight away, this place was not eavn 3 quarters full. We ordererd the usual dishes that we order at the Shimla Spice, and to say hand on hard this was a slop curry, which everything looked the same, ALL RED. The food service was pretty okay and the waiter service was good, but the eating experiance of the food was horrible, it seemed like it was all from a paste jar. All in all a very disappointing evening, after travelling all the way from Leeds. We will have to stick to Shimla Spice!!!

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